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Art by elgarin

Chimeras are Mythborn creatures with parts taken from various animals (not human) created by Gods or Titans through multiple Animal Touchstones. Chimeras greatly vary in intelligence, power and behaviour depending on the original intent of their creator. The "classical" greek Chimera (a mix of lion, goat and snake) for example, was created by Typhon during the second Titanomachy as a ravenous fire-breathing beast. Gryphus are able to be domesticated and ridden by intrepid Godborns. Finally, Nakulas, beings created by Brahma after the Second World War with the mission of preventing a human nuclear apocalypse, are intelligent half-leopard half-peacocks with the ability to use illusions in order to blend in human society.

Chimeras remain relatively rare and non-organized and can be found in various Otherworlds and even in remote areas of the World. No classifications of chimeras exist as Gods and Titans have been known to be quite creative. They are tales of the Chupacabbra in Mexico or Gorilleos in the depth of the African Rainforest… Nobody knows what else exists…