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Chinese God of War, Chiyou is a son of the Imperial couple, Shangdi and Xiwangmu.

Tall, black-haired and always wearing the armor he forged by himself using the teachings of his parents and grandparents, Chiyou is now revered as a fearsome warrior by humans, sometimes even as a six-legs and four-eyes beast.

Willing to teach humanity the ways of prosperity, Chiyou always took time to come down on Earth and spend time with humans. Under his leadership he gathered 81 tribes of early China, where mythborns and legendary beings were living in peace together on fertile lands.

Master of waters, metal work and astromancy, Chiyou was using his knowledge for good…but, in doing so, willingly went against his father's law on the matter: only Shangdi and his parents were allowed to drive humanity's progress. When the Yellow Emperor learned about his son's deeds, he became mad of anger. But Chiyou was not willing to listen to his father's commands and thus, in the very early days of the Celestial Bureaucracy, a rebellion began.

Chiyou's rebellion against his father lasted for 10 years. Thanks to Chiyou's teachings, his forces' weapons were of better quality than Shangdi's and were holding back the tide. For a decade, China were torn apart by divine creatures fighting Gods alongside humans. The sky was set ablaze, the earth shook, and several thousands mythborns died during this war. But Chiyou's side was not showing any sign of flinching. Until the Battle of Zhuolu.

During this battle, Chiyou summoned a thick fog over Shangdi's forces. For days, the Imperial army was lost and unable to fight back…until Shangdi invented the South-Pointing Chariot. Thanks to this device Shangdi managed to lead his army through the fog and confronted Chiyou's on even ground. As the young God watched his father stepping out of the fog, a furious divine army on his tail, Chiyou summoned a giant storm to blow his opponents away and flood them, but Shangdi had a secret weapon. For the past decade, the Yellow Emperor built a strong relationship with Nuba, and convinced her to join his side within the Bureaucracy.

Nuba's arrival on the battlefield was the turning point of the rebellion. The titanspawn started by blewing away Chiyou's storm and then took care of his lands, bringing droughts over them. As Chiyou was fighting against his father, he also tried to dispell Nuba's droughts. But all his power was not enough and Chiyou lost the battle. To make an example, the 81 tribes were wiped out for their infringement to the Jade Law, and their lands dried out from all its water sources.

Human tales tell how Shangdi chopped Chiyou's body in nine pieces and spread them all over China. Shangdi needed to teach enlightened humans and mythborns a lesson and spread the word of Chiyou's death to dissuade them of challenging the Yellow Emperor's authority ever again. Shangdi eventually used the nine pieces of Chiyou to infuse their Legend into nine women, who later gave birth to nine godborns. Upon reaching Apotheosis several decades later, the nine godborns' souls merged together, now free of body limitations, and Chiyou were reborn. Now free of his rebellous sins, Chiyou was inducted God of War in the Bureaucracy.

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The 81 tribes united against the Bureaucracy

Nowadays, the truth about these events almost completely vanished within human society but the challenging power Chiyou represented back then can still be witnessed within the current legends about him being this six-legs fearsome beast warrior, testimony of how badly Shangdi needed humans to be dissuaded to follow him.

Despite being a benevolent God and having suffered punishement for his rebellion, Chiyou is still one of the most controvesial deity in the whole Chinese pantheon and maybe across the whole Overworld. Mythborns are divided on his case: some are holding grudge on him, especially dragons, to have failed his alliance and let so many mythborns die. The Bureaucracy itself is also divided, as the eldest deities still do not hold Chiyou in high esteem, especially Gao Yao. If one wants to bring a hot topic in a divine banquet, Chiyou's case is definitely a good one.

Like their father, Chiyou's Godborn are entitled to use their skills to do good, sometimes without much long-term seeing. They also are driven by free-will and consider their freedom of mind and body as their most prized possession. They are anarchist activists, hacker vigilantes, unconventional teachers, excentric artists or mad scientists.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Tai Yi - Nature
Fire - Invention
Profondeurs - Decay
Epic Presence
Runic Druid

Associated Abilities

First Aid