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Chronos, Titan of Time, also known as Kala, is the oldest thing in known Cosmos. Chronos is the reason time exists, and that it keeps going at a steady pace. He has the power to quicken it, end it, break it - but he does not, and never will. Despite likely being the most powerful force in the Universe, Chronos is absolutely neutral, has no enemies or allies, and instead is only concerned with the passage of time being undisturbed. The few Avatars who have attempted to become Master of Time by attacking Chronos are stuck eternally in a time loop, lost with no hope of return.

In Kosmos, Chronos holds a very stabilizing influence. His dignitaries, though few in numbers, usually settle disputes with the precision and exactitude of a time clock. They always find the right actions or words to make turn a situation to their advantage. Some say, they tried many other courses of action and just went back in time until it was right. For this reason, all are relieved by the neutrality of the Avatar of Time : there are few powers quite comparable to his.

Outside of his titanspawns, Invokation of Time is technically possible, though there is no recording of it having been done. Most attempts end in Chronos himself turning back time to avoid the user from being able to use that magic in the first place.