The Church of the Deer Lord is a religious movement created by accident by Aeron Rhod in 1973, when he attempted to stop Sena Geyik from killing himself upon Mount Ararat.

The Mount was the hiding place of The Ark, and pilgrims believed that self-sacrifice would lead them to it through the sending of an animal guide - however, The Ark could only be found by one of divine blood, which led to many pilgrims dying on the mountain.

When Gerald Severus, Aeron Rhod and Miruan Santos reached Mount Ararat, they noticed a pilgrim named Sena Geyik shedding blood upon a rock. Aeron approaching in deer form - letting the pilgrim believe he was the animal guide, he then turned into a human - which led to the pilgrim convinced he was Jehovah himself. Wanting to stop people from killing themselves on the mountain, Aeron used runes to create a stone tablet in which he engraved in celtic runes "Though shalt not kill yourselves unto this mountain", and sent the pilgirm down to the crowds of tourists and pilgrims below.

This led to media from every channel in Turkey coming to the area, for a man was claiming to have met God.

To make things worse, when the Godborns came back down the mountain and were crowded by pilgrims and news crews, Gerald Severus called his conscious motorbike, Harley, to come pick them up while not having a driver. Then Gerald drove the bike, with Aeron on the back seat hugging him, and Miruan in the sidecar. Aeron summoned his staff while Miruan summoned an ice sculpture dispensing water. The Godborns headed north as Gerald created a giant fireworks sendoff.

This led to a massive Fatebinding in which Aeron Rhod became the central figure of a new religion, the Church of the Deer Lord, of which Sena Geyik was the Prophet.

They believe that the Great Deer is the balancing power between Ice and Fire, turning their destructive influences into beautiful creations. The Great Deer Lord is the tamer of Nature, the one who finds beauty in the most chaotic of forces.