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Mama Cocha (Cochamama) "Mother Ocean" is the Incan Sea and Fish Goddess, protectress of sailors and fishermen. She mothered Inti, and Kilyamama with her husband Viracocha.

She is usually a benevolent source of food and health by ensurint the seas are always calm, storm-free and filled of fish.

As one of the calmer aspect of the sea and mother Goddess of the Inca Pantheon, Cochamama is patient and loving. She always has a calming and nurturing influence on the rest of the pantheon, especially on her impulsive son. She is the wise diplomat of her pantheon and has a close relationship with Sedna, who has since become a great ally to the Ayllus.
As a Goddess of the Sea, Cochamama is starting to worry as the seas of the World are being exploited so efficiently that her children suffer. Caring to everyone, she is stuck between protecting the sea, and allowing the humans to flourish.

She tries to find balance and harmony, and her progeny is just as inclined to try to find win-win situations. Intelligent, resourceful, but not very confrontational people, they become counselors, marine zoologists, health-care system analysts. They are diplomats and though more cynical Gods might consider them overly naive philanthropists, they are powerful and gifted idealists that are not to be underestimated.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Water - Healing
Fire - Life
Water - Life
Sky - Peace
Depths - Abundance
Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities

First Aid