Coeus is a major Titan of Kosmos, a wise enemy of the Gods and the Avatar of Order as Knowledge. He is ruling over the Iota and Theta districts, engaging in the Throne of Causality's political game with finesse and patience.

Coeus is a powerful Titan, a son of Ouranos and Gaia and brother to Kronus. However, while Kronus remained quite true to his nature and started shaping civilization after the First Titanomachy, Coeus chose to travel the World, searching for ancient knowledge. Some say it was during that time that Coeus became obsessed. As he acquired more knowledge, he found himself asking more questions, which, in turn, created more knowledge… Stuck in this infinite loop, Coeus experimented with every form of Legend, every being in the world, until he became a full fledged Titan.

As one of the only beings mastering almost all Legendary Abilities, Coeus was one of the great architect behind The Ymir, which led to the Second Titanomachy. Some say it is because of this link that he is now able to get access to the knowledge of all titanspawn that were born after the Second Titanomachy. That alone gives him an enormous advantage despite his lack of raw power (for an almighty Titan that is). He does not need Wyrdseeing: he knows what his rivals are up to.

In Kronus' absence, Coeus has associated with Themis whom he finds close to his nature. Kronus's tyrannical control is generally a bad thing for Knowledge while Laws protects and needs it to thrive. The two form the second power block of Kosmos (the first being Kronus and Atlas's remaining forces) and are one of the most unifying element on the side of the Titans, selling information and promoting systemic collaboration against the Gods.