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Known as Jörmungandr to the Norse, The Python to the Greeks or Crom Cruach to the Celts, the Slithering Worm is the embodiment of the Depths as Decay and amongst the eldest and strongest enemies of the Gods.

It takes many forms - a dark cave, a giant serpent, a humongous maggot - all of which slither and swallow in darkness. It is the disease, the decay, all the dark and deathly aspects of the World, hidden beneath the verdant grass. It is everywhere, and devours everything. As such, Crom Cruach believes itself to be the true nature of the World, as everything eventually decays. He is the first born of Loki, and turned into a titan at the first opportunity, consuming Patala and Sheol titanspawns to gain enormous amounts of power.

Crom Cruach is called the Maggot God because the creeping, squirming things beneath the earth are born of him. The old tribes were cautious when digging in the earth because they knew that, if they dug deep enough, they would find the pale whiteness of Crom Cruach waiting there. Crom Cruach was one of the most powerful amongst the Titans, ravaging the Earth alongside its former teacher Typhon, the Giant Surtr and others. Driven to defeat little by little by the combined efforts of the Gods, it was eventually broken and banished by Apollo at Delphi. Crom Cruach bid its time, and came back with an army of fomorians from the depths of Patala to lay siege to the Gods during the Second Titanomachy where he dealt a serious blow to the Celts by killing Danu.

Crom Cruach is very powerful, his endless army and capacity for destruction have allowed the Titans to take a prominent position in the Overworld War.