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Cúchulainn, Godborn of Lugh, was the greatest hero in ancient Ireland.
Extremely talented warrior and adept of flesh-shaping, Cúchulainn was a force of nature and his legend holds his many deeds as the best accomplishements a Godborn of the Tuatha Dé Danann could ever complete. His deeds are so numerous, it would be impossible to tell them all here.

Among them are his romances with The Morrigan and Fand. The latter tale tells how he and Fand fell in love after the Goddess asked him to help her get rid of a band of fomorians besieging Tir na nÓg. It took the intervention of Manannán mac Lir and Emer - Cúchulainn's wife, who ventured into Tir na nOg to take her husband back - to put an end to their affair.

His mastery of flesh-shaping was amazing and frightened even the Gods. He was known for his terrifying battle frenzy, or warp-spasm, in which he was becoming an unrecognisable monster who knew neither friend nor foe. One of his transformation was frightening enough to have crossed the centuries:

"The first warp-spasm seized Cúchulainn, and made him into a monstrous thing, hideous and shapeless, unheard of. His shanks and his joints, every knuckle and angle and organ from head to foot, shook like a tree in the flood or a reed in the stream. His body made a furious twist inside his skin, so that his feet and shins switched to the rear and his heels and calves switched to the front… On his head the temple-sinews stretched to the nape of his neck, each mighty, immense, measureless knob as big as the head of a month-old child… he sucked one eye so deep into his head that a wild crane couldn't probe it onto his cheek out of the depths of his skull; the other eye fell out along his cheek. His mouth weirdly distorted: his cheek peeled back from his jaws until the gullet appeared, his lungs and his liver flapped in his mouth and throat, his lower jaw struck the upper a lion-killing blow, and fiery flakes large as a ram's fleece reached his mouth from his throat… The hair of his head twisted like the tangle of a red thornbush stuck in a gap; if a royal apple tree with all its kingly fruit were shaken above him, scarce an apple would reach the ground but each would be spiked on a bristle of his hair as it stood up on his scalp with rage."

The way Cúchulainn died is worthy of his epic life and is a formidable example of the Enech magic. Cúchulainn had made a vow - or geas - to never eat dog meat and never refuse hospitality. One day a few of his ennemies were plotting to take him down, one of them invited him in his place to share a meal…of dog meat. Trapped, Cúchulainn had no choice but to break his geas…and suffer the consequences. A few days later, Lugaid - Cúchulainn's nemesis - killed the Godborn's horse before mortally wounding him. As he used his own bowels to tie himself to a standing rock in order to face his enemies when dying, he rememberd The Morrigan's prophecy where she saw him, in a dream, washing blood away from his armor in a lake. Such a prophecy by The Morrigan meant one's death and Cúchulainn knew his was upon him. It is only when a crow landed on his shoulder that he was considered dead and Manannan took him away to Mag Mell.