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Son of the Creator God Eledumare, Damballa is the African God of the Sky and father of Yemoja and Aganju. Nowadays Damballa is married to the Lwa Goddess of Love Erzulie.

Also called "The Serpent Spirit", Damballa is half human, half serpent and is considered as the fatherly figure of the pantheon since his father held back from the World business a long time ago. Humans almost replaced Eledumare by his son and legends tell he used his 7,000 coils to create the stars and the World.

He did none of these of course, although he is notorious enough to have infanted two of the most important Gods of the Orisha and also for being the very first pacifist Orisha of the first generation at a time where all of his friends were only seeing relations towards the prism of war. As such, he is more often helping humans under his protection than fighting the Titans like his sons and nephews.

Damballa is overall a benevolent God and means to protect both his family but also his subjects. He is the God humans pray upon when they need advices or when a sibling is in danger.

Like their father, Damballa's godborns are entitled to protect their own and will always sacrifice their own integrity in order to protect someone they care about. They are physicians, body guards, fire fighters or policemen.

Associated Powers

Spiritwalking - Shamanism
World - Expanse
Night - Veil
Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Flow
Chwal - Rider
Chwal - Puppeteer

Associated Abilities

First Aid