Daranibō, spawn of Ourea's, embodies the concept of Mountains as Shelter. He is the protector of those who belong in Ourea's realm.

Silently lurking above the highest peaks, Daranibō is no danger for people who seek shelter in his territory. He usually provides them with indications to find their way and guide them to safety. On the other hand, any trespasser intending to violate the sanctity of his beloved mounts will find themselves torn apart in the most gory ways imaginable. He and Asag formed a deadly and efficient team and were the first and last line of defense for Ourea's realm.

Once part of the mythical race of the Tengus, Daranibō used to protect the lands of Japan and was said to nest on top of Fujiyama before his turning to the Titans. Nowadays, however, due to the overprotective behaviour of the Amatsukami and especially Amaterasu, Daranibō has not been seen on the World for millenia…even though some urban legends recently reported him briefly flying over the sacred archipelago.