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There is an Otherworld where even heroes fear to thread. A place at the antithesis of order, society, and sanity. It is where the Little Red Riding Hood was lost, where Hansel and Gretel were lured, where trees have mad smiles, animals speak in riddles, and where the light of the Sun never pierces the unnatural canopy.

The Dark Forest is always lurking at the edge of human civilization. Anyone can have the misfortune of entering it, provided they are foolish enough to disregard the danger of the forest on a lightless night. Lost beyond hope, they will find themselves in an unfamiliar land, full of dangers and madness. If they are lucky, one of the Dark Forest's denizens will put a quick end to their wanderings. If not, they may wander, hopeless, until age or insanity takes them.
The Mythborn of the Dark Forest are similarly impossible to tame, chief among them being the mighty Treants, which have dwelt there for millennia, and the Garous, the various half-animal species which have found their way in every mythology.

The Gods have never been able to tame the Dark Forest. Though it does not possess the military strength and allies that Fairie, Shambhala and the Jade Sea have, the natural abilities of the Dark Forest - impossible to tame, impossible to map, impossible to understand - have meant the Gods have failed every attempt at settling it.

In the 17th Century, the Dark Forest-born Were-boars did attempt to build cities in the Forest in order to improve living conditions of their people, under the leadership of three visionary brothers. This led to a brutal conflict, between the Were-boars and their allies on one side, and the Werewolves and Treants on the other. Ultimately, the Were-boars lost the conflict, and two of the brothers were killed, with only Leopold Paddington remaining.

The formation of Utopia has shaken the Dark Forest, especially with the defection of two of their most important (and usually antagonistic) leaders, Werewolf Alpha Barnaby Wulf and Were-boar King Leopold Paddington. Nevertheless, the number and freedom of its Mythborn has allowed the Dark Forest to remain a stronghold of Mythborn power.

Notable Locations


Sherwood is a clearing in the Dark Forest which can be found only by those its Guardian - Robin Hood - deems worthy. Given to the Godborn in his youth by the World Tree Gulnarissil, it was used as a base of operations for him when fighting the forces of the Sheriff of Nottingham. Because it could not be found, and because those initiated with the working of the Dark Forest can enter and exit it from many different points, it allowed his rebellion to thrive.
In 1973, Robin Hood's spirit was freed from the control of the Matrone Skuld by Soaring Anarchy, who then took up Sherwood as their own base of operations.


The World Tree Gulnarissil also serves as the de facto "capital" of the Treants, and where the various Mythborn of the Dark Forest settled their embassies.