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Dažbog is the Slavic God of Sun and Wealth and the only one of the Bogi Lyudei originating from an artificial act of creation.
His "fathers", Svarog and Svetovid, both combined their Legend to mix it within Svarog's furnaces. Thus a powerful Wyrdborn was created, with powers combining those of his creators. Ultimately, after several decades of Legend gathering, this Wyrdborn managed to complete his Apotheosis and become a God under the name of Dažbog.

Dažbog does not look human. His body always shines with a supernatural glow, his white hair float around him without a breath of wind and his almost naked body exhibiting an unnatural perfection.

The Slavic pantheon is a neutral pacific assembly of Gods, but Dažbog is even more neutral. His behavior may seem rude, but he is only distant towards others and tries not to interfere in matters which are not of his concern, distant but also caring. As God of Sun, his duty is to travel by foot around the World by day and reappear in the morning after having fought the dark forces of the Underworld at night. Although Veles does not have any grievance towards Dažbog, he sometimes tries to prevent him from bringing the sunlight back as part of one of his shady and twisted plots. As God of Wealth, Dažbog ensures also the material and spiritual wealthiness of his flocks.

But being a distant God does not prevent from flesh temptations. Like almost every other God in the universe, Dažbog gave life to some Godborns. Like their father, they have a heavy sense of duty and are also distant people. They use their charisma skills to climb the social ladder in order to help people below them, wether these peasants want it or not. They are this kind of people one can look up to but never be in touch with, such as ermites, soldiers, policemen, firemen or also ministers, advisers or bankers.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Fire - Strife
Light - Illumination
Light - Sun
World - Life

Associated Abilities