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For the God whom this Godborn has become after reaching apotheosis, see De-Allende.

De-Allende had a tough childhood. As a young baby, he was found on the doorstep of a foster home in the southern states. He grew up as a biracial individual in a town full of white southerners with very strong views, being often bullied and beaten all the while growing up, with no mother or father to guide and help him.
The only thing that kept him going and sane in his world were the books he found, great myths and legends of godly beings and other Mythborn. He immersed himself fully in these tales, losing himself in the stories, forgetting the real world and its troubles around him. He began to notice, when reading these tales and going over them in his head at night that ethereal images of these amazing and deadly creatures would appear around him, glowing and shimmering with blue light. He spoke to them, as the only beings he could speak to who truly in his life, about this situation, his pain his suffering. As he grew older these beings became more substantial, more physical, they were able to interact with things around him, he used them lightly, distracting others so he could get away and drawing attention away from himself when being set up by others.

When he was 17, on the verge of being 18 and being kicked out of foster home he had been raised in, he snuck off into the night and wandered around the town, reveling in the peace of the night when suddenly he was set upon by men of the town, who began violently beating him. As De-Allende was on the brink of unconsciousness he felt himself reach down into a power he had so far used only sparingly and let it burst out of him like a broken dam, this draw of power was too much and his vision faded away. He awoke, the mangled and brutalized bodies of the men who attacked him lying strewn all across the street, their blood and guts everywhere. He did not know who or what he had summoned in his desperation but that mattered little now, he had to flee the town and escape this horrific scene before anyone could see him.

For several years De-Allende traveled around America, doing whatever he could to survive, living with the homeless, scavenging for food, holding on to life, barely surviving until he was approached by Khepri, informed he was a child of a God or Goddess, a Godborn and that it was his time to answer a greater calling, the work of the gods.