Those who are aware of the existence of Legend can use it to manipulate Reality around them. Though the main users of Legend are the Titans, and the Gods and their Godborn, some groups of humans, known as Enlightened, have managed to tap into some of these disciplines.


Pure Disciplines

Pure Disciplines are the original, most widely-used Legendary Disciplines. They are:

Complex Disciplines

Though the Pure Disciplines are by far the most common, over the millenia some of these Disciplines have been used in conjunction with one another to produce new, intricate abilities. Someone possessing either Pure Discipline linked to a Complex Discipline may take it as a level in the Pure Discipline

For example, a Godborn with Wyrdseeing 1: Mystery may take Enech to have Wyrdseeing 2: Enech/Mystery, while a Godborn with Epic Physiology 1: Epic Strength may also take Enech to have Epic Physiology 2: Epic Strength/Enech.

  • Taiyi (Manipulating flows of Legend)

Pure Disciplines: Wyrdseeing and Invokation: Order

  • Haruspicy (Seeing the future through blood and entrails)

Pure Disciplines: Hematurgy and Wyrdseeing

  • Enech (Obtaining power through Oaths)

Pure Disciplines: Wyrdseeing and Epic Physiology

  • Augury (Seeing the future through patterns in Nature)

Pure Disciplines: Wyrdseeing and Druidism

  • Heku (Taking control of a situation)

Pure Disciplines: Wyrdseeing and Mentalism

Pantheon-Specific Disciplines

Enlightened Disciplines

Not all power derives through the natural order of the universe. Some Great Sages over the course of millenia have found other paths, often used to disrupt the plans of the Gods. Only a being with a full human Soul may unlock these powers, making them impossible as an option for Godborn, Gods, Mythborns, or Titanspawn.