In the days where the main Avatar of Light was Hyperion and the main Avatar of Night was his daughter Selene, the main link between the two was the realm of Twilight. Its Avatar, Dellingr, was a traveler, a messenger, a storyteller, and a fabled diplomat. His realm prospered, and he had the ear of Gods and Titans alike.

However, over the centuries, Mikaboshi grew more and more influential, eventually eclipsing Selene and declaring war on the Titans, only wanting Void. Dellingr's forces held with the help of Hyperion - until Hyperion himself, a few centuries later, was absorbed by Aten. Suddently, allies turned to enemies, and the Twilight Realm was broken, and Dellingr absorbed by Aten.

Since then, the Realm of Twilight has been a perpetual battleground between Titans of Aether and Nyx, with the Gods attempting to gain a foothold due to the strategic importance of having access to vital areas of the Overworld.