Greek Goddess of Agriculture and Nature, she is the mother of Persephone and sister to Zeus.

Tall, white-skinned blond-haired and green eyes, Demeter is the most optimistic deity of the Theoi. As a Goddess of Nature and Agriculture, she always thrives to make crops grow, trees flourish and ensure no human ever lacks anything. But she is also as sensitive as she is cheerful and will overreact to anything harming her.

Zeus and Hades should know. Indeed, when Hades and Persephone fell in love and left for the Underworld, Demeter scoured the World to find her daughter. During her research, she found out that not only was Hades was responsible of her daughter's disappearance but that Zeus also helped his brother. Desperate, exhausted and furious, she refused to let crops grow until Persephone was returned. Realizing humans were under the threat of imminent starvation, Zeus sent his messenger Hermes to the Underworld and asked for Persephone's return. Unfortunately, the abducted Goddess liked her new status as Queen, and refused. But fortunately, an agreement was made through the mediation of Dis Pater: Persephone would have to live in the Underworld every winter. And so the cycle of seasons began. Every summer, Demeter was happy to be with her daughter, but when she saw her time to leave, Demeter was saddened and thus fall arrived. Demeter's sadness peaks in winter, when her daughter is away, and thus nothing grows on earth. Then Persephone returns and out of happiness, Demeter celebrates her arrival with the blooming of spring.

Like their mother, Demeter's godborns are driven by the desire of fullness and have a generous mind. They are found among cooks, local farmers or even among geneticists in the food industry.

Associated Powers

Fire - Life
Depths - Abundance
World - Life
Water - Healing
Epic Toughness
Epic Beauty
Water - Life
Fire - Conflict

Associated Abilities

First Aid