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The Deva are the Pantheon with the eldest roster of active Gods alongside the Nga Tama a Rangi.
Protected by the might of the Trimūrti of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva - together representing the most powerful force on the side of the Gods, though they are often hard to reach - the Deva are proud, ancient, and have strong principles. Following Dharma, the rules of righteousness shown through the earning of good and bad karma, the Deva guide their followers to spiritual transcendence through slow cycles of reincarnation.
The first of the Deva were born alongside Kronus and his ilk, and fought by his side against Gaia and Ouranos. When they turned to the Titans, and the Maori Gods exiled themselves, the Deva stayed, to guide the World. This puts them always close to turning to the Titans, and while the younger generations of the Deva are more than happy to get involved more directly in the World, most of the Pantheon rarely does so, residing high up in the Devaloka, far from the World. As such, more than any Pantheon, the Deva rule from far above the World, the echoes of their will relayed by their many followers in the World.


Members of the Deva

First Generation (~4000 BC to ~3500 BC)

Second Generation (~3500 BC to ~3200 BC)

Third Generation (~3200 BC to ~1200 BC)

  • Murugan: Commander of the Deva's armies
  • Ganesha: God of Good Luck and Wisdom
  • Kali: Goddess of Annihilation
  • Yama: Lord of the Dead and Ruler of Naraka

Next Generation (Legends Timeline)

Major Events

~3500 BC - The Trimūrti forms the Deva

~3200 BC

~2000 BC

~1200 BC

~1500 BC

~1000 BC

  • Indra starts to progressively withdraw himself from the Divine Geopolitics. Murugan takes a more prominent place with the Deva

Known Godborns

Famous Godborns