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The tale of Devades Johar starts fittingly enough with a prayer. A wealthy Indian landowner was desperate to have a son to carry on his business empire and so far his wife had given him three lovely daughters but not a single boy. The mans wife was saddened by her inability to make her husband happy and so she prayed to Vishnu day and night in the hopes that she might be able provide her husband with a male heir.
Vishnu pitied the pious wife and so blessed her with a baby boy. Few know that Devades was originally born with the name Devin meaning ‘to resemble a god’ it was only later in life that he changed it to Devades which roughly translates to ‘servant of the Gods’. Indeed even those that knew him well would be hard pressed to recognize him now. For as a boy Devin was wildly curious, dangerously arrogant but above all fiercely intellectual. The young Devin liked nothing better than to argue with his parents, constantly questioning and pestering them.

As he grew older this love of argument developed into a passion for debate. His parents would hire scholars from around the world to teach and discuss with Devin the finer points of philosophy and politics. However as Devin grew to understand the way in which the world works he became more dubious of his place within it. He began to question if everything he was had been dictated to him by his father’s wealth. How could he justify his expensive philosophy classes and martial arts lessons when others could not afford to buy food?

He raised this issue with his father many times encouraging him to share his wealth and give more generously to charity. But his father resisted him. As Devin grew into early adulthood his father began to worry that Devin would no longer make a good heir to his empire. He feared that if given control of the families finance Devin would donate their entire wealth to some charity and destroy everything he had worked so hard to build. So Devin’s father decided to marry him off to Alka, the daughter of a wealthy industrialist. His reasoning being that once married Devin would transfer his inheritance to his stepbrothers so that he wouldn’t have to worry himself with the hassle of business life.

Devin was none too pleased at this prospect and argued with his father ceaselessly for months. Eventually Devin was forced to go ahead with the ceremony. Soon after the wedding was finished Devin realized that not only did his new wife not share his love for philosophy and politics but also that she was also incredibly rude and abusive towards her servants. If a maid failed to apply Alka’s makeup correctly she would call a guard in to beat them senseless.

This appalled Devin, and unable to persuade his father or anyone else to do anything about it, he decided that he simply had to leave. He donned his most humble clothes and simply walked away. It was during his first night sleeping rough on the streets of New Delhi that Devin received a vision from Vishnu informing him that he was indeed a son of a god and that he was on the right path. Once he realized that the gods were certainly real Devin changed his name to Devades and began his quest to aid and educate the masses.

With nothing but his wits and his skills Devades traveled the world forging a new faith called the Gathering of the Unburdened. This faith was dedicated to the core principle that Vishnu was a preserver of life and that all men should do whatever possible to preserve the life of their fellow man. Some view this philosophy as dangerous and Devades has had to learn how to protect his flock from all manner of danger, some human, others not. Now Vishnu has called upon Devades to return to his homeland and confront an evil many had long forgotten.