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Unlike most other Pantheons, the Deva do not have only one realm. Instead, like the Teotl, the Deva have multiple Godrealms, which worthy Souls can attempt to reach, with the ultimate aim of residing there forever, in a blissful heaven. The Devaloka are Bhu Loka, Bhuvar Loka, Swarga Loka, Mahar Loka, Jana Loka, Tapa Loka and Satyaloka. The Devaloka themselves are not the ultimate reward, however, as one can reach even higher and reach Vaikunta, Vishnu's realm, if they are pure beyond reproach.
The first Devaloka, Bhu loka, is actually the World itself - understood by the Deva as one of the divine realms despite its division with the Overworld. This is due to the Deva considering the Axis Mundi between the World and the other Devaloka, Mount Meru, as much part of their realm as it is the World's.

Bhuvar Loka, meanwhile, is the closest to the more elemental Titanrealms - it shares borders with Amaunet and Terra, and is often considered the battlefield between the Deva and their enemies, fighting back the armies of the Titans from the slopes of Mount Meru.

Swarga Loka is where the main active Deva reside, including Indra himself. Directing the Deva from the higher realm, the realm is at the very top of Mount Mery, from which Indra throws his mighty thunderbolts and rainstorms and drives assaults which shatter the sky and make the sea bleed.

Mahar Loka is the home of Brahma's children, the Prajapati, who preside over creation and procreation. A sharp contrast from the action of the lower Devaloka, Mahar Loka is calm, peaceful, meditative, but still connected to the World as that is where young Deva are born, ready to join the battle raging underneath.

Jana Loka is the world of intellectuals and thinkers. Home to many of the wisest among the Deva, including the Four Kumaras, eldest sons of Brahma and dedicated mentors and teachers. Jana Loka is often the most prized by Souls looking for Enlightenement - aside of course from Vishnu's own abode - due to how much can be learned there from the Kumaras.

Tapa Loka is where the rest of the Deva reside, including Parvati, Ganesha, and others. It is an expansive realm now almost unconnected to any of the Titanrealms, where Gods are protected and can meditate, discuss and learn in peace. This allows the Deva to look in the long term, as no immediate danger can exist without climbing through half a dozen Realms.

Satyaloka is the home of Brahma himself. Unique in that no one is permitted to enter it, Satyaloka still remains, close to the rest of the Gods yet always separate.