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Di Yu is the Celestial Bureaucracy's Underworld, located in the titanrealm of Sheol, near its border with Muspelheim.
Ruled by Yanluo, Di Yu is a hellish place. One glimpse into this vast purgatory is enough to understand why Yanluo sometimes breaks the Bureaucracy's rules and why nobody wants to replace him on his duty.

Di Yu is a vast maze, where each new soul is judged for its sins - its infringement to the Bureaucracy's rules for humans. The time a soul will spend within Di Yu before being reincarnated is not indefinite and depends on the severity of the punishements it will suffer to pay for its sins.

While in the maze, the soul will come across different chambers, in which it will suffer a punishement depending on the severity of the associated sin. There are 18 chambers in Di Yu, all of them designed to fit its corresponding sin and ruled by a Yan King - souls who became Yanluo servants.. Between each chamber, the soul's integrity is restored in order for it to be able to sustain the full extent of its deserved punishments.

  • Chamber of Wind and Thunder: Assassins and felons must endure abrasive storms
  • Chamber of Milling: Misers are grinded into dust
  • Chamber of Flames: Thiefs, cheaters and looters are burned to the bone
  • Chamber of Ice: Children who abuse their parents are frozen there
  • Chamber of Oil Cauldrons: Rapists, adulteries and libertines and fried in cauldrons filled with oil
  • Chamber of Dismemberment by Sawing: Kidnappers and pimps are cut in pieces there
  • Chamber of Dismemberment by Chariot: Corrupters and overlords who abused and exploited their people are dismembered with their limbs strapped to chariots
  • Chamber of Knives Mountain: Crooked shopkeepers shall bleed out by climbing a mountain spiked with knives
  • Chamber of the Tongue Tear Off: Liers and malicious people have their tongue simply torn off
  • Chamber of Grinding: Cold-blood murderers are grinded into a bloody pulp
  • Chamber of Torso Division: Ungrateful people have their torso chopped in half
  • Chamber of the Scales: Scoundrels oppressing innocent people and women abusing their kin are hung upside-down by hooks piercing their body
  • Chamber of The Eye: Spies and voyeurs have their eyes torn off
  • Chamber of the Heart: Heartless people have their own heart digged out of their chest
  • Chamber of Evisceration: Spies, hypocrits and grave looters are eviscerated
  • Chamber of Blood: Blasphemers and people who show no respect for the Gods are skinned to the bone
  • Chamber of Larvas: Corrupt people who turn laws to their advantage are thrown into a pit full of starving larvas
  • Chamber of Avici: Crooked people who commited shameful crimes, impoverished their people and deceived the rules are placed on a plateform above Avici, the last and deepest chamber of Di Yu. The luckiest souls will stay on the platform, but the others will fall into Avici. The souls burning into Avici will never be reincarnated.

After this painful walk of shame, the soul is welcomed by Meng Po, an old woman minor Goddess, who will propose to drink water of the Lethe river she bought from Hades. Once the soul drank this water, all its memories are wiped and it is send back to the World, reincarnated.