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Celtic God of Crafting and Medicine, Dian Cécht is a son of Danu and father of Cian.

Blond-haired and blond-bearded, Dian Cécht is the war medic par excellence. Skilled warrior, he will not hesitate to kill to defend his own, but he values life and always tries not to initiate conflicts so he does not take the risk of killing someone. Very close to nature, as his brethren are as well, Dian Cécht mastered druidism and uses it daily to heal every type of wound…or hurt his enemies.

Very close of mythborn - his son married one - Dian Cécht is very much involved in their condition and the way they are treated by the majority of the Gods. While Gods are usually looked with suspicion by most of the mythborns, Dian Cécht is considered as a friend by almost all of them. His closeness to Nature as a whole makes him a good friend of Freyr and Freya whom he shares common views with, especially about the future of the Vanir and his celtic brethren.

Dian Cécht is well-known for his healing talents, which he used on his brother Nuada during the First Battle of Mag Tuired where the former High King lost his arm in a battle. Without his arm, Nuada was not fit to take the position on so he asked his brother for help. Dian Cécht crafted him a silver arm, able to move like a real one and giving Nuada even more strength. After this event, Nuada was known as "Nuada Silver-Armed".

Dian Cécht is also the father of Cian and therefore Lugh's grandfather, who he helped avenge the death of their son and father by killing Balor during the Second Battle of Mag Tuired.

His Godborns, like their father, are always swift to learn more about their fields of interest. They will always try to understand their environment and are very close to nature. To foreigners they may almost look like hippies, but they could not be further, as if anyone threatens them or their loved ones, they will most likely end up hidden in a dumpster…or several. They are war medics obviously, but also veterinarians, animal rights defenders or meteorologists.

Associated Powers

Green Druid
Runic Druid
Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Winter

Associated Abilities

First Aid