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Dionysus is a complex deity. God of Freedom and Excess, he has always been exceedingly close to humanity, a former Godborn who still remembers his mortal days. His influence throughout the World is seen in many cultures where he is a prominent deity, if less grandiose than his father Zeus.

Dionysus is known as "God of Wine", but this is but part of a bigger picture. Wine is a mystical liquid, able to raise man to higher understanding or lower him into the depths of depravity and instinct. As such Dionysus walks that line, the fine line between genius and madness, and his followers can only dream of following in his footsteps, trying to reach divinity through obtaining greater understanding. He is as such a patron of both art and drugs, fashion and sex, discipline and freedom. His role in the Theoi is more than fluid depending on how he feels, and his more constructed brethren generally take little notice of his actions.

A friend of Mythborn, Dionysus is beloved by all beings, aside from other Gods (and obviously Titans, though Prometheus shares kinship with him and Silenus was his preceptor), and is often seen in the company of a crowd of tortured, hungry artists, satyrs, centaurs, and socialites, a traveling court following him in a constant party, so much so than any being getting taken along the ride leaves it with only the faintest of memories and a sudden sense of enlightenment. Still, Dionysus spends much time away from others, wandering the World, living a simple life, with no one to bother him.

Dionysus' children love life, and live to love. Traveling throughout the World with no ambition of ruling it, they just want to enjoy the ride. Theater actors, marijuana growers, faith healers, they live on the margins, immune to the currents of society around them.

Associated Powers

Epic Beauty
Water - Life
Light - Illumination
Night - Moon
Tai Yi - Flow

Associated Abilities


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