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Dis Pater, Patron Avatar of Riches, Fertile Agricultural land, and Underground Mineral Wealth, is a younger Avatar of Patala and an ancient Greek God turned to the Titans. Allied with the Gods, he is on especially friendly terms with Hades, and the Theoi in general.

Nevertheless, despite his ties with the Gods, Dis Pater remains a Titan Avatar, and as such is hellbent on exploiting the Earth for all its possible value. This makes him a patron of deforestation, mining and agriculture, placing him at odds with most of the Avatars of Terra. As such he is shunned by his peers - explaining his closeness to the Gods. Close to both Demeter and Hades, and a skillful negotiator, he was the one who managed to settle the conflict surrounding Hades' abduction of Persephone.

Dis Pater is a rare example of organization and peace in the wild realm of Patala, which has made him quite unpopular with his neighbors, especially Erlik and Crom Cruach. His pragmatic and skillful use of the great riches of Patala, and his alliance with the Gods, are his greatest assets against the destructive forces surrounding his sprawling hive-cities. His position is valuable to the Gods for a number of reasons - only God-friendly Titan in Patala, unrivalled expertise in exploiting the natural resources necessary to fight millenia-long wars, and his aforementioned skills as a negotiator all have made Dis Pater a good friend of most of the more pragmatic Pantheons. As such, despite his relative weakness, Dis Pater is a confident and mighty presence in the Overworld.