Dodola, the Slavic Goddess of Rain, is Rod and Lada's daughter and the mother of the twins Jarilo and Morana. She is married to the unfaithful Perun

She usually looks like a dark-haired mature woman, wearing green fresh knitted vines as a dress and wearing a sad expression on her face.

Although her title and functions are not that prestigious, she is an essential member of the Bogi Lyudei. Through her divine drops, she ensures every human under her protection have enough to eat, drink and protection from the wrath of nature. Legends tell the rain comes from Dodola's heavenly cows she is milking after humans praised her to do so. Like a mother would feed her baby.

Married to the unfaithful but loving and powerful Perun, she is the mother of the twins Jarilo and Morana. Although she does not appear upset when her husband is cheating on her with a mortal woman, she definitely is. When she learns about her husband's newest affair, she takes human form and wanders in villages and forests. When doing so, she takes the appearance of a young well-dressed woman, with black hair and a very pale complexion, but she never manages to remove the expression of sadness from her face. Through her disguise she usually manages to have sympathy from men she meets and ultimately take revenge on her husband.

Human legends tell one thing, but every God from the Bogi Lyudei knows most of the rain falls happen out of Dodola's extreme sadness. This is no coincidence most of her Godborns are conceived on rainy days…

Despite the common vision seeing her as a depressed Goddess, testimony of the number of Perun's affairs, she usually has a very cheerful personnality and is the one Goddess to manage parties and make sure everyone is having fun during the festive assemblies of the pantheon. But unlike Dionysus, there usually is not any sexual or food orgies at Dodola's parties. In that matter, she is closer to Hathor and Ame No Uzume, whom she share deep bonds with.

She likes dancing and singing, mostly all at once. When not because of Perun, she visits humans under her cheerful human form and go in villages to celebrate the arrival of spring with humans, knocking on each door looking like a Nymph.

Her Godborns are also light-hearted and driven by the desire to please everyone. They usually try to avoid conflict and any personal offense will probably make them sink into a temporary depression. Dodola's children usually use their seduction abilities to do good around them and are very social people. They can be found among popstars, free abortion clinics managers in poor countries, painters, globe-trotters, movie stars or sports(wo)men.

Associated Powers

Green Druid
Fey Sorcery - Winter
Water - Healing
Depths - Abundance
World - Life
World - Expanse
Night - Moon
Night - Veil

Associated Abilities

First Aid