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Former Celtic God of Death and Overseer of Tech Duinn, Donn was one of Danu's children.

Dark and mysterious, Donn ruled over Tech Duinn with an iron fist. No souls - alive or dead - could come in or out without his approval and any attempt to challenge his rule faced a merciless repression. Like Hades, he was well known to exploit the power of the souls to become wealthier. However, unlike his Greek counterpart, Donn lacked subtlety.

When he heard about the Grim Reaper going rogue and spreading the Black Death all over Eurasia, he made an alliance with her. As the Titaness had troubles bringing the plague to Ireland and Britannia due to the relative isolation of both Isles, he proposed her to contaminate celt humans with black plague and in exchange, she was to use her powerful psychopomp abilities to bring all the dead souls from the World within Tech Duinn.

The alliance worked well…for a time only. After the Grim Reaper was torn apart and thrown into Tartarus, the European Gods noticed the celtic Underworld dramatically grew in Legend power. Soon enough, Donn was busted and had to flee to escape his brethren's ire. And Hades'. And Heimdall's. But the harm was done and the Celtic Underworld is still a match for the greatest Pantheons'. This fact alone is drawing attention of the most envious looks.

Donn's current whereabouts are currently unknown from both Gods and Titans. He is actively wanted by all pantheons and his Godborns as well, which makes their lifespan dramatically fall below average.