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Art by Jasinai

Dragons are among the most powerful Mythborn, and one of the few groups of Mythborn which have been able to establish themselves as completely independent from both Gods and Titans, in their home of the Jade Sea. Powerful enough to challenge the Gods, dragons are spread out throughout the World. However, most of the dragons in Western countries were wiped out by the Gods and their Godborn, hunted down over millennia. Many among dragonkind refuse to forgive the Gods for that. Ryujin, the Japanese Dragon-God, is to thank for matters not having escalated to full-out war.

Dragons are fiercely independent and like to live secluded, or among their own kind. They are often tempted by Titans, and some do end up joining the ranks of the Titanspawn, especially since some of the most powerful Titan Avatars take the shape of Dragons, including Kur, Tiamat or Apep. In fact, it is often thought that in ancient times, at the birth of Otherworlds, what would become the Dragons of the Jade Sea was formed out of the anima of these ancient Dragon-shaped Titans.

Main Dragon Races