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Going under many names in different cultures, druids are beings who tap into the latent Legend existing in Nature, such as animals, plants, or the earth itself.
Many human Enlightened are Druids, divided into Sects which have evolved considerably over the millenia.

Known Druidic Sects

Green Druids

Green Druids are druids who tap into the power of all living plants, from World Trees to blades of grass. Often living far from cities, those druids commune with nature and are often protected or aided by Treants and Treantlings.
Green Druid Sects are common throughout the entire World

Runic Druids

Runic druids use the Legend present in stones and earth in order to tap into the small amounts of Legend gathered by those innanimate structures over their millenia of existence. Focusing and gathering this Legend into Runes, runic druids can, with long rituals and decades of practice, imbue them with magical properties. Runic druids are primarily known for their warding and defensive spells.
Runic Druid Sects can mainly be found in Northern Europe.


Unlike other druids, practitioners of Therianthropy do not tap into existing matter, but bond themselves with the Kami of a given species. Using this bond, these druids can summon traits of animals, up to ta complete body transformation.
Therianthropy Sects are common throughout the entire World.


Technodruids are a sect of Druids embracing new technologies, especially electronics and digital technology. This new sect is badly seen by more traditional circles of the Druidic arts.
Technodruids are common throughout Northern and Eastern Europe, as well as South-East Asia.

Fey Sorcerer

A practitioner of Fey magic draws power from Fairie, which primarily holds the power of the Seasons, in particular through the Summer and Winter Courts.
Fey Sorcerers are rare, but exist mainly in Europe.


Mythcallers have the ability to mold Kami, allowing them to create unique and personal Kami from a mixture of their own will, and a source of Legend, usually a Titan or Otherworld. The most well-known are the shamanistic Native American tribes which used it to form spirit guides helping the individual throughout their spiritual journeys. Another well-known example comes from the wizards of Europe and Asia molding ordinary pets into powerful familiars.
Mythcallers are rare, and spread out through the entire World.