Dustin Yarlson is a Godborn of Odin, who was sent to fight the dark elves of Svartalfheim, deep in Patala, at a young age. His prodigious talent for dreaming creatures and beings into reality allowed him to be a valuable asset to the Aesir, but his young age meant he was traumatized by the events he was witnessing. Odin's wife, Frigg, took pity on the young Godborn, asking her son Baldur to watch over him. This prompted Dustin to be taken under the wing of Calder, a Godborn of Baldur. Frigg also fashioned a cloak from the pelt of a Fenris Wolf, to sooth his nightmares.

After half a decade in Svartalfheim, Dustin finally could not take the fighting anymore, and left to wander the World, getting addicted to drugs to dull the pain of reality. He eventually stumbled upon the ancient Inca village of Pana Cara, where he was protected by the Council of Hematurgy, in exchange for using transfusions of his divine blood to help the Incas fight back the encroaching forces of the Titans.