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Art by Artozi

Dwarves are a race of ancient mythborns, existing almost since the day Tane Mahuta planted the first World Tree.

They are highly resistant to extreme environments, tremendous crafters, skilled engineers, hardworking miners and trained warriors. If dwarves could present a united front, they would be an unstoppable force for the World and an annoyance to be dealt with in the Overworld. Unfortunately, they are the most divided race of mythborn.

Dwarves can be found in both sides of the Overworld War, but also serving Dragons in the Jade Sea or a Fairie realm as mercenaries…or as they call themselves: "High value supportive element".
It is a group of dwarves who crafted Mjöllnir as a reward for Thor, but it is also dwarves who built Talos Mark VIII's suit of armor.

Some of them joined Muspelheim and are loyal to the cause of Prometheus and Surtr. Titan-aligned dwarves are constantly attempting to sabotage the Greater Wall's foundations, themselves protected by their God-aligned brethren. Waves of crafty engineer dwarves are always a priority target as they could take down a building like the Asgardian Bifrost in a matter of minutes if let loose.

Their leaning for jewelries and other various riches also lured a lot of them to turn into Dis Pater's creatures. In Patala, they are a key element of Dis Pater's chain of supply, supervising every aspect of the realm functions from the forges to the mines. Thus, those dwarves are often fighting against Erebus and Erlik forces and are also Dis Pater's first line of defense against both Titans' retaliations.

On the other hand, Gods-aligned dwarves are found in almost all pantheons. They are the assistants of Hephaestus and Svarog, defense engineers of Tiàn and Asgard and a handful of them helped build Ville au Camp.