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Slavic Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt and direct daughter of Rod, Dziewona is in the center of the story which changed the dynamics within the Bogi Lyudei.

Redhead, pale skin, freckles and gracious body, Dziewona's beauty is equal to Lada's. Jarilo and Veles figured it out soon enough.

Veles, much older than Jarilo, started courting Dziewona a long time before Jarilo's birth. But nothing worked as he planned and Jarilo, who was abducted and raised by Veles, stole her heart and together they conceived Hors, to the damn of Veles. Out of jealousy and anger, Veles tricked Dziewona by disguising himself as Jarilo. Unfortunately when the Goddess realized the trick, the harm was already done and Dziewona was pregnant again. She then attempted to abort her child but without success. Feeling the day of birth coming, she then used her powers of the Moon to divide the child into two entities: Belobog and Chernobog, both agents of Fate, doomed into fighting an endless battle.

When she is not victim of Veles' conspiracies, Dziewona is a fearsome huntress and a trusted counselor. She always acts as a teacher and a guide. She is the big sister of the Bogi Lyudei. It is she who taught slavic men how to hunt without excess, to appreciate the wonders of nature and to exploit the stars for directions and explorations.

Her children are obviously alike and share with ther this temper of soft protection, guidance and knowledge. They are teachers, philosophers, astronomers, eco-fighters, poachers hunters or psychologists.

Associated Powers

Night - Moon
Night - Stars
Tai Yi - Flow
Green Druid
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Water - Healing
Depths - Abundance

Associated Abilities

First Aid