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Art by Igriel

Eastern Dragons are slightly younger than their Coatl brethren and older than European Dragons. Unlike their western counterpart, Easter Dragons were viewed as a symbol of hope, strength and power. And it is still true nowadays in modern China.

They are proud of course, as all Dragons are, but they are also source of wisdom and they lack the extreme arrogance that drove european dragons to fall under the ire of the Gods. Usually associated with elemental aspects of nature, mainly waters and winds, their presence in the skies is seen as a symbol of good luck and inspires hope and guidance to the people down under. They are such reverred personalities that their image was used as symbol of the Chinese Empire in order to affirm its power and strength.

Their very existence is tied to the Jade Sea's and they make the vast majority of the otherworld's population. They agreed to shelter the remaining european dragons, to the condition they drastically change their behaviours. Tensions between both races are not rare but the arrogance of western dragons is quickly shut down and the kin put back to their place by their eastern tutors.

A few eastern dragons joined the side of Titans very early on, often not by choice such as Zhulong, and even though they remain a force of temperence and are the main commercial gateway between the Jade Sea and their respective titanrealms.