In the Summer of 1991, a group of Godborn were brought together by their divine parents to investigate a mysterious prophecy which seemed to foretell the return of the Rakshasa tyrant Ravana. The Godborn - Lori Du Pont, Jean-Baptiste Gustave, Devades Johar, James Tamsah and Rasshi - met Goddess Khepri in a café in New Delhi, who pointed them towards strange disappearances in the city. Devades having a following in the city, they met with some of his followers in the hopes of learning more. Meeting these followers under a bridge, they learned that some of them had left to join a cult called the "Followers of Shiva".
They traveled to the Followers of Shiva's temple, where they learned that this cult was based around earthly rewards - giving watches and clothes and food to their followers and promoting self-development and prosperity. Investigating it further, they realized they were followers of the Rakshasa. Getting ready to infiltrate the organization, they attended a meeting, with the leader preparing a great speech. Instead, however, the temple leader's head exploded in a flash of blood and bone. Escaping the ensuing chaos, the Godborn attempted to explore the temple the following night to understand what had happened. Unable to find conclusive evidence, they called up the spirit of the slain temple leader, who told them that he had seen the truth revealed by monkeys from the trees in a nearby jungle.

Travelling there, the Godborn met a lone Vanara, who promised to find more of its kind to discuss the matter. However, once the group of Vanara was assembled, they asked the Godborn to allow themselves to be blindfolded, to lead them to their leaders. However, once they were blindfolded, the Vanara revealed themselves to be Rakshasa in disguise, and viciously ambushed the Godborn, severely wounding Lori. The Godborn emerged victorious nevertheless, then got back to the city to investigate Rakshasa cults. When they tracked down another worshiper of the Followers of Shiva, once again his head exploded, after a strange hooded figure put his hand on Devades' shoulder and said he was "on the right path". Lori managed to follow the figure as it melded back into the city, but the entity's aura gave her pause, long enough for it to slip away. Still, their investigation revealed that the Rakshasa believed that the Gods would send "Binders" to stop the one true "Savior" who was meant to be Ravana returned - no the "Destroyer" from the prophecy the Godborn were aware of.

Keeping on the track of the Followers of Shiva, the Godborn made their way to the greatest temple of the Followers of Shiva. There, they introduced themselves to the local leader as couriers, and attempted to infiltrate that cult. However, one of the Rakshasa that had ambushed them had reported their descriptions, and the leader of the Followers of Shiva, called the "Crimson Ruby" turned out to themselves be a Rakshasa, calling for the "Binders" to be locked away. Devades and Jean-Baptiste escaped, while the rest were thrown in prison.

In order to free them, Devi and Jean-Baptiste hatched a plan. They found the Souls of ancient Rishi who had fought alongside Rama in his war against Ravana, convinced them to follow Devades as the inheritor of Vishnu's will, bound them using Soulbinding to statues, and took their new allies to the temple to free their friends. Meanwhile, Lori attempted to escape, striking the guards with lightning, with James breaking open their cage.

The Crimson Ruby attempted to flee in a convoy, while Godborn drove after them in Rasshi's cab. It looked like they were going to escape, until Lori recklessly jumped on top of the van, crashing it and herself in the process. The Godborn started fighting the Crimson Ruby, but quickly realized they were outmatched by the mighty and ancient Rakshasa priest. Rasshi was badly burned, Lori was in the Rakshasa's grip, and James was quickly losing strength. Devades halted the conflict, and agreed to be captured by the Rakshasa in exchange for the rest of the Godborns' freedom.

The Godborn - minus Devi - then decided they needed more forces to face the might of the Rakshasa. Lori lead them to an ancient fortress where she learned, alongside her father Sun Wukong, the secrets of Sky magic. They found there a brother of Lori, whom Lori beat in a duel for control of the fortress. Now in control of it, they protected the area using powerful darkness and druidic magic, before having Rasshi use his summoning power to create groups of elephants that his own elephant, bound in a statue on Rasshi's cab's dashboard, could find through the Dark Forest. This allowed them to travel between each location marked by Rasshi, giving them an efficient mode of transport through India. Meanwhile, one of the ancient Rishi they had given a stone body to decided to join them, convinced that Devades was the true "Savior".

Through this means of travel, the group traveled back to the Crimson Ruby's temple to find information. There, they encountered skulking Rakshasa. Jean-Baptiste lead them into a trap, and before they had a chance to speak, the group of Godborn killed one and Jean-Baptiste used Taiyi to warp the other into a servant - wiping its mind in the process.

Back in their fortress, a cloaked figure approached, seemingly ignoring their magical protections. It warned them that they only had a few days before Devi was to fight the "Destroyer", and that they would need an Astra - a powerful magical weapon - to defeat it, pointing them towards the Cabal who were rumored to be in possession of one.

Travelling to a hideout who had been under attack by Rakshasa, they got in contact with allies of the Cabal, but were unable to find the mysterious Secret Society. Sleeping in a hotel, Lori was confronted in her dreams with a vision: she could find the Astra, but would have to exchange it for her physical body as a guarantee. Desperate to save Devades, she agreed, having her consciousness put inside a small capuchin monkey while her body disappeared into the night. Her companions found the monkey in the morning, with the Astra sitting on the bed. To their surprise, they realized that while James and Jean-Baptiste could not hold it without it burning them, Rasshi could without trouble.

The Astra in hand, they got ready to travel to Lanka, where Devi had been taken, in order to free him. Magically changing Lori's new body into a Vanara so she could speak and act, they traveled together to Shambhala in search of their friend.

Once arrived, they were surprised to find that the local population was not even aware of the prophecy, and no one stopped them on their way in. Unsure of where to go, they met the great Vanara God Hanuman, who after a long talk with his descendant Lori pointed them toward a Rakshasa who had long been talking up the Followers of Shiva. Getting an audience with him, they were surprised to find none other than the Crimson Ruby attending. It turned out that this Rakshasa was the self-proclaimed Ravana Reborn himself, holding Devades just in floor below them. A battle started.

The Rakshasa's Astra was being countered by Rasshi, while Lori created a powerful wall of storms to hold off the other Rakshasa. Meanwhile, their Rishi ally used his immense strength to breach a way to Devi's prison, who in return burned away all of his blood to remove a binding Blood Rune placed there by the Crimson Ruby, replacing it with pure Life Fire.