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Creator God of the Orisha, Eledumare is part of the Primordial Trinity who engendered the pantheon. Until Aten's rise to power, he was considered as the benevolent father by his people.
Eledumare is always covered with a diamond outfit, making him shine like the Sun. He often uses his abilities of Light to blind his ennemies or inspire veneration to his people.

Despite being a protector God, Eledumare was always swift to fight, with less violence than his peers though. He prefers the use of inspiration and control the mind of his adversaries instead of killing or wiping them. He is the God who taught to the Orishas the power of Chwal and the use of possession over a human body. Thanks to this, the Orishas were able - and still are, though it is used more often by the Lwa generation to help humans more efficiently - to act all over the world without the use of godborns and with limited fatebindings.

But with Aten's rise over Aether, Eledumare couldn't use his abilities anymore without risking to bond further with the now almighty Titan of Light. To avoid giving his ennemy more power than he already had, Eledumare chose to withdraw himself from the divine geopolitics and the World, leaving the task to his children, especially Damballa who replaced him in the heart of humans.

Nobody knows where he is now, nor if he is still alive or absorbed by Aten and none of his Godborns have been seen wandering the World for a few centuries.

Associated Powers

Epic Toughness
Epic Presence
Fire - Life
World - Life
Tai Yi - Nature
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Chwal - Rider

Associated Abilities

First Aid