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For the Godborn whom this Goddess was before reaching apotheosis, see Ellyssa Khaine.

Ellykha is a young Goddess. As a former Godborn of Huitzilopochtli, she was forged in the fire of battle against the Titans and their armies. Quickly rising in ranks in the battles of the Aztec forces against Huracán, she fought with a bloodthirst that went beyond what even the Aztecs thought normal. After the victory over the Titanic forces, she was crowned Goddess of Spilt Blood.

Anywhere blood is spilled, whether it be in battle, childbirth, or sacrifice, Ellykha is pleased. This made Ellykha a natural patron diety for Hematurgists, entire sects of whom are now dedicated to her worship. An offspring of the modern era, Ellykha likes to visit the World as often as her dutied allow her, to incite conflict and usually solve it in the most brutal way possible. She incarnates the younger generation of Aztec Godborns, hungry for blood and unwilling to compromise. In her disguises, she has been a field surgeon, a blood bank nurse, a soldier on vanguard, or a reckless general.

Associated Powers

Death - Destruction
Epic Strength
Epic Toughness
Fire - Destruction
Night - Void
Depths - Decay

Associated Abilities