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Enech - the power of vows and honor - , an ability most commonly found in the Tuatha Dé Danann and their Godborns, is a Complex Legendary Discipline involving a mixture of Epic Physiology and Wyrdseeing.
It was discovered by Lugh after the Second Battle of Mag Tuired when he noticed how powerful he became when he followed his own vow to take his revenge upon his father's murderers, which allowed him to behead Balor.

In Enech, an individual places a Geas on an individual, usually themselves. This Geas is an oath to uphold a certain value or principle. It becomes a Fatebinding anchoring the future potential of the individual to the present. By striving to become an ideal version of themselves, the individual guides the hand of Fate to make them become that ideal individual. As such, as long as the individual tirelessly strives to maintain that oath and fulfil their Geas, their body takes on the physical and mental attributes of this perfect, potential self.

However, if the individual breaks this Geas, the thread of Fate maintained by this oath is severed, this future version becomes impossible to attain, and all power derived from its potential disappears. If the individual has followed that thread for too long, its severance can often mean death as experienced by Cúchulainn.