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Art found on Fetshart

For the Godborn that this Goddess was before reaching apotheosis see Valeska Gert.

Enheduanna reached apotheosis and became the Goddess of Travel after having freed the Summer and Winter Courts from Titanic influences with the help of her travel companions.

She always thrives to protect the innocents and do not hesitate to jump in battle to impale her enemies, either with her sword or powerful streams of water, whatever the power of said foes.
Wether a God, a human or a mythborn needs her help, she is always up to go on an adventure and most of the time forget about her own interests and goals.

She is also very concerned by the mythborns' cause, that is why she is one of the founders of the Council of Babylon. With that tool in her hands, she hopes to strenghten the bond between mythborns and Gods.
Within the Council, her role is to protect the races which are part of the political alliance. This mission allows her to travel through many Otherworlds as well as in the Overworld in order to solve any conflicts involving the mythborns.
During those missions, she works with Ojutai, her long-time "nakama".

Enheduanna being a young Goddess, she has a limited number of Godborns. Like their mother, they thrive on freedom, travel and adventure. They usually are sailors, guides in high risks areas or high-divers.