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Erebus is the Titan of Depths as Darkness and embodies the lightless spaces. In Patala, his touch reaches every cavern, every tiny hole where any drop of air or water could go. Being such an influential Titan, Erebus is the unofficial ruler of Patala, simply by his core nature.

Erebus is not a fighter though and would rather submit than to go to war. This allows Dis Pater to illuminate all of his cities and mines without too much interferences from Erebus. However, when the Titan considers Dis Pater went too far - by, for instance, digging up too deep and bringing electricity in depths it should not be - he sends a few of his spawns take care of the issue and take the opportunity to remind Dis Pater that his relative peace and prosperity exists because Erebus allows it. Moreover, by the very nature of Abzu's realm, Erebus is in very good terms with his abyssal brethren and it is not rare to notice a few of Erebus' spawns lurking at the very bottom of Abzu's realm, courting the Titan of Abyss.

All the beasts of the tunnels answer Erebus’ call. Giant ants march to his drum, bat swarms fly and screech through his caves, and typhonian badgers maul his enemies. More flexible servants are the blind albinos who live in the warrens. They serve him and earn his favor. Eons have turned them into a chaotic fighting force of which Mikaboshi could be proud, except that they are humans and not living shadows or tainted souls.