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For the God whom this Godborn became after reaching apotheosis, see Niemh Mairbh.

Erin Luger is a name that is still whispered in hushed tones down the darkened alleyways of South London. Some think that they knew him; others knew him only by the river of corpses he left in his wake.
Raised as an orphan by a family with no knowledge of the supernatural Erin had little way of knowing about his parent deity The Morrigan the dark goddess of war, strife and sovereignty. Erin’s true nature only began to show around his early teens when he began listening to punk rock, dressing in black and going out for walks at the dead night.

Whilst going through this phase Erin was diagnosed with A.D.D and various other psychological disorders. Erin’s adopted parents were deeply concerned about his darker side and took him to Hapi a psychiatrist with a much bigger part to play in Erin’s life than he had initially expected.

The turning point in Erin’s life can be pinpointed to a fateful night when a Fenris Hound silently scaled the wall to his family’s apartment, slowly crept its way into Erin’s brother Cormac’s room and violently ripped Cormac limb from limb. Erin heard the perishing cries of his brother and overcome with grief and rage unwittingly tried to drag Cormac back from the grave. Cormac’s spirit destroyed the loathsome beast leaving nothing but dust behind. Once done Cormac let out a blood-curdling scream of “Leave me be!” Still distraught Erin tried wrenching his brother back from the underworld over and over, again and again desperately trying to reanimate the desecrated corpse that lay before him. It was then that The Morrigan took pity on Erin and contacted him for the first time. She explained what Erin was and that what he was doing was causing Cormac a great deal of pain and that it would also result in Nyx the Titan of Night taking an unhealthy interest in him. She also explained that a disturbed teenager covered in blood next to a corpse with no other suspects would almost certainly result in Erin being blamed for the murder.

Erin then took to the streets and dedicated the next eight years of his life to hunting down Titanspawn. He now protects the innocent from the shadows without ever getting close. His twin revolvers Tooth and Claw were once painted black but now they shine bright silver from every notch that Erin scratched away whenever he claimed the life of a Titanspawn. The streets of London may have been a bit safer with Erin around but now he has traveled to America to answer a much greater calling.