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Art by Kiri Nasar

Eris, the Titan of Fire as Strife, is the daughter of Zeus and Hera. As Ares' sister, she was always by his side during battles, constantly spreading confusion through make-beliefs, discord and doubt in the ranks of the enemy.

The Titaness does not own any sort of martial skill whatsoever. Instead she uses her talents to manipulate others to have her way. She is the little voice in the back of one's head, suggesting to act against others in a very wide range of actions. And she is not shy about it, as proven by History.

A short time after the Second Titanomachy, Zeus held a banquet to celebrate the forced marriage between Peleus and Thetis - who would become later Achilles's parents. However, the King of Olympus did not deem necessary to invite Eris to this party as he believed she would only ruin the mood and make the celebration unpleasant for everyone.
Irritated by this snub, she stole an apple from the Hesperides' Garden in the Golden Orchard and threw it on the banquet table. "For the most beautiful one" was engraved on the fruit and the three Goddesses of the Theoi - Hera, Athena and Aphrodite - started to argue who was the most beautiful among them. Unable to come to a conclusion, they asked Zeus to decide but, embarassed by such a request, the God suggested to ask Paris of Troy for help, as Ares trialed the mortal's fairness earlier.
The Goddesses accepted and showed themselves to Paris. But even the fairest of mortals could not judge them, so the three of them stripped nude to convince Paris of their worthiness. While the prince of Troy was inspecting them, each Goddess tried to bribe the mortal with their own unic set of skills. Hera offered to make him King of Europe and Asia. Athena offered wisdom and war skills. Finally, Aphrodite offered him the most beautiful woman in the World: Helen of Sparta.
Paris finally accepted Aphrodite's bribe and "received" Helen who became Helen of Troy, starting the Trojan War.

This event, known as the Judgement of Paris, was observed the whole time by Eris who felt delighted by all these displays of arrogance from her snob brethren. However, this particular event shook the World so deeply - as the Trojan civilization would later give birth to the Roman Empire which would make the Greek Kingdoms fall - the Goddess of Discord turned Titan, stuck in a permanent desire to bring distrust, doubts and deceit everywhere she lands foot.

Nowadays, retreated in Muspelheim, she has become a bitter outcast even among the Titans, nobody trusting any of her words. Her influence over the Word remains strong however, since humans have a clear tendancy to chaos and war. Some of them even founded the religion of Discordianism and a planet was named after her.