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Chinese God of Truth, once known as Yang Jian, Erlang is the son of a lost Goddess and a human named Li Bing.
Tall, black-haired with a third-eye drawn on his forehead, Erlang is a powerful wyrdseer and master of Augury. His only goal is to discover the Truth, about everything, whether it is bad or good. "Lie" is not a word in his vocabulary and each and every of his words are pure truth, so much it can appear as harsh and blunt honesty to the unprepared. Blunt honesty, but honesty nonetheless.

Erlang's mother was Gao Yao's sister and she fell in love with a mortal, whom she mated with. Unfortunately, this went against the Law as the Goddess did not ask for permission to the Bureaucracy. As a punishement, Gao Yao sent her in exile within Aether.

Meanwhile, Erlang was growing up with his father, Li Bing, imperial engineer. One day, Li were tasked by the chinese emperor to build a flood control system over the Min river. For years, the floods kept coming despite Li's best efforts. As a last resort, he tasked his son Erlang to follow the river to its source and figure out what was happening. On his way, he met seven hunters who agreed to join him in his mission after they had witnessed Erlang slay a tiger.

One day, the group heard a woman crying: it was a grandmother, Grandma Wang, whose grandson had to be sacrificed to the Great Water Dragon. The eight friends planned a trap for the Dragon, which was set to be triggered the day of the offering. That day, the group ambushed the Dragon and captured him, locking him under what is now known as the Dragon-Taming Temple. It is there Erlang learned about his true nature. By talking with the captured Dragon, which was a Titanspawn of Yam, he learned about his lineage, the Gods, the Titans and most of all, what happened to his mother.

The flood stopped and the irrigation system working again, Erlang went to confront his father about what he learned. The poor mortal were not aware of everything going on with the Gods, but what Erlang's mother told him was enough for him to understand she was probably suffering her punishment for mating with a mortal. With the picture of his unknown mother jailed and maybe tortured, Erlang departed to find her and free her.

It took many years, during which Erlang learned the arts of Wyrdseeing and Augury by himself. Eventually, he discovered about Aether and that his mother were kept prisoner in Hyperion's jails with his ten sons as her wardens. Traveling within the titanic realm, Erlang found his way to his mother after another several years. His skills were allowing him to dodge most of the enemies he encountered. Unfortunately, his presence within Hyperion's realm did not go unnoticed and by the time the young man reached his mother, she had already been burned to death by her wardens.

Furious, Erlang badly injured nine of the ten sons, badly enough their wounds would not heal until Houyi's era, and left Helios unarmed as he was the only one who tried to bring comfort to the young man. From this day forward, Erlang swore to himself to always do everything in his power to break all lies and every dissimulation of the truth.

His Apotheosis came shortly after and Gao Yao, then Jade Emperor, inducted him God of Truth.

Not long after his induction, Erlang fought during the First Titanomachy to defend Tiàn against Yam's forces and managed, along with his brothers, to repel them.

Like their father, Erlang's children are entitled to discover the truth, no matter the cost. They are an open book to anyone who will ask them questions and are paragons of honesty. They see this trait as their best quality, but it can also be their worst flaw, as they are often very predictable. They are investigation journalists, historians, theologians, archaeologists or detectives.

Associated Powers

Light - Illumination
Tai Yi - Nature
Epic Presence
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Spiritwalking - Soulbinding
Light - Brightness

Associated Abilities