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Erlik, Titan of Underground, is the unofficial ruler of Patala alongside Erebus. His origins are still unclear to this day and is his most valued secret.

Where Erebus embodies the Shadows, Erlik embodies the caves beneath Terra and more generally every underground structure or creature. Even though he tolerates the existence of Erebus - which he judges necessary for his - Erlik is quite a belligerent Titan. Firmly believing in the concept of pure Underworld, every trespasser entering Patala's caves without Erlik's approval shall expect his ire. His armies of spawns are equally dangerous and aggressive and constantly warring against Crom Cruach's forces.

His relations with Dis Pater are quite tumultuous. The Titan of Riches never hesitates to dig new caverns within the Titanrealm of Depths, which contents Erlik. But on the other hand, Erlik hardly tolerates Dis Pater's intrusion into said caves. A relative truce is set between both Titans, but it is not rare to witness a skirmish arise between them.