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African Goddess of Love and Flowers and Damballa's wife, Erzulie is part of Lwa generation. She is the daughter of Oshun and Shango.

Readhead and a skin color of coffee, Erzulie is always dressed with fine lingerie, always ready to seduce any soul crossing her path. She is the only Goddess of the Orisha - with Maman Brigitte - to regularly take the form of mixed-race individuals, testimony of the culture mixing forced by the Slave Trade.

Erzulie has a playful and cheerful personnality. She uses her abilities to make people fall in love - as real Cupid - and also seduce mortals and Gods alike. But she is also very susceptible about her beauty and she is often in rivalry with Hathor and Aphrodite.

As a Goddess of Flowers, she also ensures every mortal can express their feelings to their loved ones, lovers or siblings alike. She also acts as women protector against men with bad intentions. In the dark age, she punished her fair share of slavers who took opportunity of their position to obtain women's favors by force. Erzulie is patient and no violent, so her punishements are usually long overdue and will always strike when one is the least expecting it. She usually arranges herself to create situations where her victims will lose everything they held dear. Their property, their family, their wealth…leaving them alone and bereft.

Like their mother, Erzulie's godborns are always driven by their emotions and thrive for sharing love and happiness around them while protecting trusting people for dishonest persons. They are honest, patient and feel a great empowerement in their seduction abilities. Matchmakers, dating websites managers, couple therapists, sexologists or even philosophers, Erzulie's children are always keen to make the world a more loving place.

Associated Powers

Tai Yi - Flow
Fey Sorcery - Summer
Spiritwalking - Shamanism
Water - Life
Light - Brightness
Chwal - Ride

Associated Abilities

First Aid