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Son of Oro and previous Psychopomp of the Orisha before his son Legba, Eshu was also the Orisha's messenger.

Part of the first generation of the pantheon, Eshu, unlike his father before him, was not a God to mess with. Where his father were a rather passive deity towards the aggressive ways of the pantheon, Eshu was diving in it, head on.
Using his travelling abilities in accordance with Oya's chwal, he was the one who set the soul exploitation mechanism to harness Guinee's Legend pool more efficiently. Thanks to him, the Orishas quickly gained more and more power on the political scene over the World.

But the Slave Trade saw to put an end to this. With the unexpected expansion of their territory, the Orisha came at odds with the Teotl, opening new fronts of rivalry and high tensions. Studying their ennemy, the Aztecs quickly identified the source of its power: Eshu and Oya. Oya being "only" an agent of the system, the Teotl targeted Eshu. Tricked by Tezcatlipoca, the African God ended up locked in his Smoke Mirror forever. But the process didn't work exactly as planned by the Aztec God. While Eshu did end up locked in the Smoke Mirror, a part of his Legend managed to escape the locking process. A short moment later, Legba and Kalfu were born from the remaining Legend of their "father", each one representing the extreme opposites of his personnality.

After Eshu's "death", the Legend exploitation system he had set in place collapsed and the Orisha lost raw power, thus lowering the tensions at its borders. Shortly after, Legba took his father's duty and made sure to never repeat such an error. Nowadays, Legba - and Kalfu ! - are still on close watch from American pantheons to prevent any leaning they could have of imitating their father.