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Art by LindseyBurcar

Of all the Dragon races, European Dragons are the youngest, the proudest and the most stubborn. Even though they are not much younger than their Coatl brethren, they lack patience and self-control.

Reigning over Europe during eons, they were respected through fear and, most of the time, tyranny. They were keeping valuable artifacts and piles of gold as if their lives were depending on it and were often at odds with the dwarves, who shared an equivalent leaning towards gems and precious objects.

Over time, their behavior became more and more fanatic, a true obsession. Noticing this, the eldest and wisest of them tried to change the course of actions, fearing it would enrage the Gods themselves. And they were right: by the time the Middle-Ages came, most of the european dragons had gathered almost all of european riches, leaving nothing for humans to grow and rise and thus enraging the Gods. The Aesir and the Theoi edicted an additional rule for their Godborns to reach apotheosis: gaining Legend through the killing of a Dragon. Quickly, the whole race was demonized and armies of humans led by a wide variety of Godborns came to delocate them from their caverns and take them down. In a few centuries, the race of european dragons went from dominant species to a nearly exctinct one.

The vast majority of survivors turned to the side of Titans in order to take their revenge from the Gods that nearly wiped them out. The others, still bitter and angry but unwilling to sacrifice their free-will, found shelter in the Jade Sea.