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Fairie is the land of the Fey, and the Otherworld with the greatest population of Mythborn. Outside of the main species of Fey, it is also home to Leprechauns, Gnomes, Korrigans, and more.
In Fairie, the greatest forces are the Summer Court, with the seelie ruled by Queen Titania and the Winter Court's unseelie ruled by Queen Mab. The two Courts are constantly at odds with each other, but are nevertheless united against outsiders - each Queen has staunchly refused to rely on the strength of Gods or Titans to defeat the other. Not all of the Fey follow the same restrictions, however, and the Queens have had to take down many a plot by another Fey to sell Fairie to an outer power. The help of the diplomatic Oberon, King of the Seasons and husband to both Queens, helps calm the tensions and unite the realm.

The Queens and their Courts of powerful Fey, and their intrinsic power over their land, means that they have remained independent. Fairie is in the precarious position of being linked with many Titans - including Nyx, Niflheim, Terra, and even Muspelheim. These links explain Fairie's enormous mystical power, but at the same time the Fey spend a lot of their military might pushing back the forces of the Titans.