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There is one thing more powerful than Gods or Titans: Fate itself. It is known under many names - Dharma, Ananke, Destiny, Ma'at - and is the force connecting all that exists into the infinite Web of the Wyrd. As one impacts Fate, Fate impacts them, and the more Legendary an entity is, the more Fate has an impact on them. Prophecies are written, inner demons are faced, and legends are written.

The Nature of Fate


Fate is the amalgamation of all that is, the consciousness of all that lives, the infinitely complex flow of existence. The currents of Fate accumulating around individuals, animals, and inanimate objects are driven to them by the importance they carry in the great scheme of Existence. This importance can shift over time, but as it accumulates, it creates a permanent Legend. The more Legend increases, the more the person or item weighs on the web of Fate, dragging towards it other elements and weaving more Legend onto itself. However, the more one weighs on that web, the more stuck one becomes in it. As one's Legend accrues, the more one's impact on the Universe is profound and permanent, as one's Past and Present become known, told and retold in songs and myths, their Future, as well, becomes fixed in Fate. This is a phenomenon known as "Fatebinding". The Aesir, through too much meddling in the World, suffered a global Fatebinding, sealing their deaths upon Ragnarok. But Fatebinding goes further: as one becomes too far Fatebound to their own nature, they can become stuck, static, become a Fated Fact. The main examples are the Great Adversary, and later the Greater Titans, their existence being so overwhelming the the threads of Fate that they have become unable to change, stuck in time, their free will and consciousness long gone. Other examples are creatures such as nymphs and kami - which have followed the same purpose, served as guardians of the same river or forest - for so long that many have become little more than still ponds and blades of grass, their destiny and existence forever bound to what they are now Fatebound to be.

Fatebinding is the main fear behind Gods not interfering in the World. Though impacting Fate means an increasing Legend, it also means increasing Fatebinding - a very careful balance needs to be maintained, and once a Godborn becomes a God, that balance is impossible to maintain without removing oneself from the World.

Fate is exceedingly complex, and few are able to peer into the web of ley lines it consists of. Those who are able to, however, run the risk of impacting Fate in such a way of being Fatebound themselves. Odin, in his desperation to stop Ragnarök, has examined the future he aims to avoid to the point where it is ironically completely unavoidable, the Fatebinding being unbreakable.

For player characters, Fatebindings are generated by specific rules whch can be found here


The more a being of Legend involves themselves in the World, the more both their nature and future become limited, until their Fate becomes a certainty - that is called a Fatelock. For example, Ragnarok, the doom of the Aesir, is a Fatelocked event.

Any creature of Legend can become Fatelocked. For most, this means that they lose all free will and become mindless spirits bound forever to a tree, or a spring, or a city. However, for Gods, these Fatelocks are on par with their power, and either their future becomes a certainty, or their nature starts to merge with Titans. At the tipping point, these Gods end up becoming Titan Avatars, losing their last ties to humanity and being absorbed by Greater Titans, forever unable to fully return to the World.

All of the existing Titan Avatars are former Gods who suffered this fate, which led to their former fellow Gods to imprison most of them, in fear that the loss of humanity lead them to use their huge powers in ways which would harm the Pantheons and the World they rule.

Those Titan Avatars are not pure beings of destruction - however their complete lack of humanity and permanent, unchanging nature is an abomination to the Gods.

Fated Contracts

Those who are versed in the threads of Fate can form Fatebindings on their own terms between one another. These Fated Contracts come under many names, including "demonic pacts", "guardian angels", "fairy godmothers", "blood pact", but they all come under the same basic terms: two sentient creatures making an agreement to make their destinies collide. First invented by Themis, they are an obscure art, that most Gods are unable to ever master.