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When one use Legendary Abilities in the forms of Powers or Stunts, Fatebinding can occur, especially when the impact on Fate is high.

When using a using a Legendary ability, a player character notes the result of the dice roll (before the use of any skills, stunt or aspect). If the dice roll indicates 5 or more (on a Power use), Fate is so influenced by the action of the character that its power creates a certain number of Fatebinding points, depending on the type of Legendary Ability used.

For any Complex Disciplines (such as Augury), use the Discipline with the lower score (Augury is Druidism and Wyrdseeing, so the score is 1)

For example, Khan is a level 1 Godborn who used his powers of Invokation - Fire - Destruction and Epic Physiology - Strength (with a result of 5 or more) to devastating results. However, he obtained 3 + 1 = 4 Fatebinding points doing so.

Fatebindings also decrease the further removed you are from the World.

All Fatebinding Scores are halved (rounded down) when used in Otherworlds
All Fatebinding Scores are null when used in the Overworld, so go nuts!

Keep track of each type of Fatebinding points you accumulate until you level up in Legend. At level up, you gain that amount of Fatebindings.

Examples of Fate Consequences:

  • 0-2 : Light Consequence - Examples:

Invokation: Fire - Destruction: “Pyromaniac Tendencies”
Druidism - Green Druid: “Close to the Earth”
Epic Physiology - Strength: “Fatness is Weakness”

  • 3-4 : Medium Consequence - Examples:

Invokation: Fire - Destruction: “Boiling Rage”
Druidism - Green Druid: “Allergic to Pollution”
Epic Physiology - Strength: “Addicted to the Gym”

  • 5-6 : Severe Consequence : Examples:

Invokation: Fire - Destruction: “Flaming Hair”
Druidism - Green Druid: “Treebark Skin”
Epic Physiology - Strength: “I Break Everything I Touch”

  • 7+ : Extreme Consequence : Like other Extreme Consequences, this replaces one of the other Aspects of the character. Additionally, that character permanently loses a Fate Point. If they have no Fate Points left, they either become a Titanspawn, or face a similarly terrible Fate… Examples:

Invokation: Fire - Destruction: “Half-Salamander”
Druidism - Green Druid: “Treant”
Epic Physiology - Strength: “Four-Armed”

Aside from Extreme Consequences, each time you gain a Legend Level, move every Fate Consequence a level down (meaning Minor Consequences disappear altogether).