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Fenrir, the Great Wolf, is the embodiment of Night as Terror, the falling Night where the monsters live. He is the shadow in your closet, the eyes watching you when alone on the road at night, the cutthroat in a dark alley. He is an enemy of the Gods, more specifically the Aesir, and is still locked in Tartarus though his forces are still very active in Nyx, lending their services to both Nott and Apep.

Fenrir was born of Loki and Angrboda. He is the brother of Hel and Crom Cruach. Like his father, Fenrir was and remains a talented manipulator of human emotions and, though feral, knows how to use psychology to get the upper hand. As a Wyrdborn, he wanted to grow more powerful. While his brother consumed titanspawns, he decided to feed on fear, from mortals at first, and then even Gods. He used wolves as messengers and spies, eventually running against the Loup Garou. To face them, he devised a powerful curse, creating Fenris Beasts, titanspawns quite similar to their Garou counterpart, but that could transmit its nature through biting.

However, creating such a powerful curse sealed Fenrir's Fate, turning him into a Titan. To trap him, the Aesir challenged him to break any chain the Gods could fashion. When they presented innocent looking ribbons made by dwarves, the wolf accepted the challenge, provided one of the Gods put his hand in his mouth as a side of good faith. Tyr volunteered and lost his hand to the beast. He was then locked in Tartarus - but by then, his spawn had already started to plague the World, and still do to this day, waiting for their father's return.