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Fey are malicious creatures, delighting in tricking and tormenting mortals. They know many names: Yokai, Yaksha, Sidhe, Fairies, Kistune…Native of the Otherworld of Fairie, they are one of the most numerous of Mythborn.

The Fey know a wide spread of temperaments, appearances, and loyalties. The majority of the Fey are members of one of the Fey Courts of Winter and Summer - respectively ruled by Queen Mab and Queen Titania. However, the Fey have spread out to every realm - from the militaristic Elves of the kingdom of Svartalfheim, formerly part of Fairie and now loyal to the Titans, to the playful sprites of the springs of Scotland, to the illusion masters serving Bile in Tech Duinn.

The Fey calling themselves Yakshas live not in Fairie but in the Otherworld of Shambhala under the leadership of the Fey King Kubera, peer to the Deva and wealthiest of any Mythborn.

Notable Fey

Fey Sub-Races