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The First Battle of Mag Tuired marked the arrival of the Tuatha Dé Danann in Ireland, taking it over to the fomorians.
Around 1700 BC, Danu managed to connect Tir na nÓg to the World through a powerful link secured by the Eye of the Earth. At the time, Ireland and Britannia were under the rule of fomorians tribes. Incidentally, the fomorians were also the dominant species over both islands.

Willing to settle in Ireland and noticing the fomorians' raider/looter behaviour, the Tuatha Dé decided to colonize the lands by force. Danu, The Dagda, Nuada, The Morrigan sisters - Badb, Macha and Morrigù - Dian Cécht, Lir and Donn were alone against a whole population of mythborns. The Battle lasted for years and the Tuatha Dé suffered the loss of Babd and Macha - which led to the birth of the current Morrigan - and Nuada lost his arm.

After the Battle, the bond between Tir na nOg and Ireland never ceased to grow, until both places almost completely merged together, the physical separation between the World and the Godrealm becoming thinner and thinner.